Covid-19 Statement

Yellow Door is here for you. All our services continue to operate at whatever stage of national or local covid-19 restrictions. However, some services will be delivered remotely and/or may be adapted to meet your needs & preferences while still being covid-secure.

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The Frankie Service will provide therapeutic counselling to Children and Young people aged 0-18 years, and play therapy for children who are victims of sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or female genital mutilation.

Family Support

The Frankie Service will also look to support families of the children and young people accessing the Frankie Service by offering support and guidance.

If you would like to refer a child into the Frankie Service, please send all enquiries to or call 02380 636312

For further information on the Frankie Service please visit click here.

A service for young people

A service for young people

The Frankie service aims to prevent trauma from turning into poor mental health. The service is inspired by Frankie, an adult survivor of child sexual abuse who is now in her early 20’s. Frankie was considered a happy child, ‘gifted and talented’ until being sexually abused at a young age, and over a number of years by a family friend. Frankie says she was not offered trauma support and was eventually sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Frankie believes that had her trauma been identified earlier and she had been supported with it therapeutically, she would have coped and recovered better.

Click here to read Frankie’s story