Covid-19 Statement

Yellow Door is here for you. All our services continue to operate at whatever stage of national or local covid-19 restrictions. However, some services will be delivered remotely and/or may be adapted to meet your needs & preferences while still being covid-secure.

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Our domestic abuse team provides expert support to survivors of domestic abuse through delivery of programmes and groups for adults,  children and young people who are affected by domestic abuse. Our domestic abuse workers can also offer 1 to 1 advice and we work closely with our PIPPA partners, offering an advice line.

Pattern Changing – provides structured group work over 12 weeks for women who have experienced domestic abuse with the aim of rebuilding their strength and resilience.

Parenting – we offer a range of programmes for parents who experienced abuse or whose child has lived with parental domestic abuse. This includes ACE Recovery Toolkit for parents and You & Me Mum.

To learn more about the ACES group, please click here to watch our short video.

Bright Stars – a therapeutic space for any young person who has witnessed or directly experienced domestic abuse, providing creative ways to explore the impact of domestic abuse and how to move forward

For our Domestic Abuse Service leaflet, please click here.

“It has completely changed my life – the best 14 weeks ever”
Service user after completing Pattern Changing Programme for Domestic Abuse survivors
Safe, Talk, Thrive

Safe, Talk, Thrive

This project has been developed for Mothers and their children who have experienced domestic abuse, focussing on working through the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Recovery Toolkit.

This is a trauma-informed course, focusing on negative experiences endured during childhood. This is a 1-term, weekly programme and is particularly beneficial to children who have lived with parental domestic abuse and are struggling with their feelings, emotions or relationships after the abuse ends.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions in 2020/21 we are focusing our work with children aged 11 to 16 years.

We welcome interest from schools to deliver this evidence-based programme in your own settings or to facilitate effective referrals of children and families to our programme delivered from Yellow Door premises.

‘It has changed my life in every way. I am a better mother, daughter. I will not get into another relationship again like the last. This organisation changed mine and my son’s life. I no longer use alcohol to cope and by bettering myself my son has a better life.’
Service user after completing Pattern Changing Programme
No Age For Abuse

No Age For Abuse

No Age For Abuse is a project to reach and encourage older people subject to domestic abuse to seek help.

This initiative is driven by evidence that older people are the least likely age group to report abuse and for many their experience of abuse lasts far longer than younger people.

We know older people often see services like Yellow Door as a young person’s service – this is not the case.

1 in 6 people aged 60 years and older experienced some form of abuse in a community setting during the past year. We are raising awareness about how older people can be affected by domestic abuse, specifically the over 60s age group.

We are sharing messages on social media to ensure that over 60’s know that person centred advocacy support is available for them.

68% of over 60s are less likely to leave an abusive relationship. We can support service users whose current partners, ex-partners or family members are committing the domestic abuse.

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“The 10week course made an impact on me massively. I come away from each session feeling positive and have incentives on how to do better around the children. There are steps that I take in from each individual that participates in the zoom sessions. I find this really useful and promotes more social skills for us all. The things we have in common help repair emotional turmoil we all suffer.”
SureStart Special Client