“It has completely changed my life – the best 14 weeks ever”
Service user after completing Pattern Changing Programme

Our domestic abuse team provides expert support and advice to survivors of domestic abuse through delivery of psychoeducational programmes and groups. Our team work closely with local partners and offer a variety of training packages.

Pattern Changing – a 12-week programme for women who have experienced domestic abuse with the aim of  breaking the cycle of ongoing abusive relationships and empowering survivors to create healthy patterns of their own choosing. Covering the impact of domestic abuse, managing challenging emotions, setting boundaries, assertiveness skills, decision making, goal setting and healthy relationships. 

ACES Recovery Toolkit – a 10 week programme for mothers/caregivers and their children (10-16years) who have experienced domestic abuse. Covering the impact of trauma, building resilience, attachment and parenting, support networks, managing stress, child development, emotions and healthy relationships. Alongside this is a separate 8 week programme for their children, delivered by a trained practitioner.

To learn more about the ACES group, please click here to watch our short video.

Early Years – a 10-week programme for mothers/caregivers and their children (3-5years) who have experienced domestic abuse. Parents course covering the impact of domestic and sexual abuse, effective communication skills, working with challenging behaviour, developing protective behaviours and strategies for keeping mothers, children and young people safe. Separate Thera-Play sessions for their children delivered by a qualified Play Therapist.

Building Respectful Families – a 10 week programme for parents/caregivers and their children (aged 10-14 years) who are displaying child/adolescent to parent violence and abuse. A restorative programme aiming to break behaviour patterns such as physical violence, damage within the home environment, stealing from family members, threatening behaviours and attempting to control.

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‘It has changed my life in every way. I am a better mother, daughter. I will not get into another relationship again like the last. This organisation changed mine and my son’s life. I no longer use alcohol to cope and by bettering myself my son has a better life.’
Service user after completing Pattern Changing Programme
Safe, Talk, Thrive

Safe, Talk, Thrive

This project has been developed for Mothers and their children who have experienced domestic abuse, focussing on working through the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Recovery Toolkit.

This is a trauma-informed course, focusing on negative experiences endured during childhood. This is a 1-term, weekly programme and is particularly beneficial to children who have lived with parental domestic abuse and are struggling with their feelings, emotions or relationships after the abuse ends.

We welcome interest from schools to deliver this evidence-based programme in your own settings or to facilitate effective referrals of children and families to our programme delivered from Yellow Door premises.

“The 10week course made an impact on me massively. I come away from each session feeling positive and have incentives on how to do better around the children. There are steps that I take in from each individual that participates in the zoom sessions. I find this really useful and promotes more social skills for us all. The things we have in common help repair emotional turmoil we all suffer.”
SureStart Special Client