Our mission

We are an innovative local charity that started as Southampton Rape Crisis, 39 years ago. We have since expanded our services from being a helpline for women who have experienced rape to services that support people of all ages and backgrounds who have been impacted by domestic and sexual abuse and other forms of interpersonal harm. We have therapeutic support, a variety of advocacy services, education and outreach programmes. We still have the helpline! You can read about our services here.

We are a leading organisation in Southampton and wider Hampshire, offering impactful services that meet the changing needs of a diverse population. We address the impact of the rise in domestic and sexual offences through the services we offer. Our wide-ranging free services and partnership activities focus on prevention as well as support; and empowerment and recovery of those individuals who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse at any time in their lives.

Our impressive track record includes national and local awards and accreditation for our services which has resulted in our well-established reputation of delivering innovative, high quality and person-centred services. You can read about our publications here.

We are here to make a difference. Last year we directly worked with over 1,300 individuals, took 3,000+ calls and engaged with 13,000+ young people in schools and other youth settings. We listen to the views of our service-users and seek to offer interventions that local people need in the ways that work for them. We know the support we give can be a lifeline & make a real impact on those we work with. We work from our own premises in Southampton but also deliver services in other places like schools and community centres.

Our achievements year ending 2023

individuals received our help last year
helpline calls received
of young people who attended STAR Sessions understood what a healthy relationship is
counselling sessions recieved
individuals helped by ISVA
“Our strength as a charity is our diverse team of highly qualified & experienced workers – it’s what we are about – listening, learning, understanding the needs and issues for our service-users & our local communities to deliver creative, quality support to all.”
Yellow Door CEO
Our vision and values

Our vision and values

Our Vision is of a world where adults, families, young people and children can live without experiencing domestic and sexual abuse and the resulting devastating impacts.

  • Prevent domestic and sexual abuse through increasing awareness of the harmful impacts,
    working with children, young people, families, individuals and partners.
  • Provide non-judgmental specialist support to adults, families, young people and children who have been affected by domestic or sexual abuse, including harmful practices.
  • Target support to the most marginalised groups who experience additional barriers to gaining support, because of the intersectionality of protected characteristics such as ethnicity, race, disability, gender or age with abuse.
Proud winners of the GSK IMPACT Award 2020

Proud winners of the GSK IMPACT Award 2020

Yellow Door is proud to say we have received a GSK IMPACT AWARD 2020 – a major national award for charities that make an ‘outstanding contribution to improving health & well-being in the UK’.

Please watch our video made by The King’s Fund to learn more about us. Click here

“Yellow Door is a dynamic, innovative charity that is always looking at the needs of its community & evolving its services” — Director UK Charity Partnerships GSK.

2020 GSK IMPACT Award