Our Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVA) specialise in looking after people who have suffered an unwanted sexual experience, regardless of when the incident happened or characteristics such as age, gender or sexuality. ISVAs are trained to provide personalised emotional and practical support to meet your needs. We can give independent advice and support to help you make informed choices about what happens next, including whether you report to the police and what your health care options are. We provide support throughout the criminal justice process if you do proceed in that way. In addition to our core ISVAs, we have a specialist Children and Young Person ISVA, Family ISVA and a Male ISVA.

“Thank you so much for being her rock throughout this, you have no idea how much you have helped her. I shall always be thankful for all you have done”
Mum of young ISVA service user
Our Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy team

Our Diversity & Inclusion Advocacy team

Our DIA team works to address barriers, improve access and promote equality and inclusion by working with anyone who may be marginalised or disadvantaged in accessing services due to:

  • Language
  • Disability
  • Ethnicity
  • Sexuality
  • Faith
  • Mental Health
  • Culture
  • Communication
  • Immigration issues.

Our workers speak multiple languages and have in-depth understanding of cultural diversity as well as specialising in supporting young people and adults with multiple and complex needs. We have a specialist young person worker and a worker to assist anyone, of any age, affected by Harmful Practice. We offer tailored 1 to 1 advocacy and support to reduce risks and to enable access to Yellow Door or other services. Our DIA team support and encourage local community groups and provide training to communities, groups and professionals.

“It was helpful to talk about my problems and feel valued, I felt very comfortable and feel like this experience has showed me hope and changed me to the person I wanted to be for a long time. The advice was amazing”
DIA client
Domestic Abuse team

Domestic Abuse team

Our Domestic Abuse team provides expert support to survivors of domestic abuse through delivery of programmes and groups for adults,  children and young people who are affected by domestic abuse. Our Domestic Abuse workers can also offer 1 to 1 advice and we work closely with our Pippa partners to offer an advice line.

Pattern Changing – provides structured group work over 12 weeks for women who have experienced domestic abuse with the aim of rebuilding their strength and resilience.

Parenting programmes – we offer a range of programmes for parents who experienced abuse or whose child has lived with parental domestic abuse. This includes ACE Recovery Toolkit for parents and, You & Me Mum.

Bright Stars – a therapeutic space for any young person who has witnessed or directly experienced domestic abuse, providing creative ways to explore the impact of domestic abuse and how to move forward

“It has completely changed my life – the best 14 weeks ever”
Service user after completing Pattern Changing Programme for Domestic Abuse survivors