Covid-19 Statement

Yellow Door is here for you. All our services continue to operate at whatever stage of national or local covid-19 restrictions. However, some services will be delivered remotely and/or may be adapted to meet your needs & preferences while still being covid-secure.

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We will work with you to help you overcome the negative impacts of trauma, violence or abuse.

Our services are free and we offer a range of support designed to meet the diverse needs of our service-users.

The list of services below gives a brief overview of what we offer, you can also see how we can help for more details on the types of issues and needs that our services can support.

How to refer

To self-refer or to refer someone else (with their consent) complete our short referral form and we will contact you or alternatively you can call us to make a referral. You do not have to identify a service or group yourself, we can help you to choose the service / support we offer that would best suit your needs. If you are unsure how we can help you or which service is best for you, please call us to discuss your needs.

What to Expect?

We will contact you once we have your referral to discuss your needs and arrange the first meeting / session. For all the therapeutic services and support programmes, we will inviteĀ  you to an initial assessment. This meeting will give us a chance to get to know you, and to start to think about which of our services might be best for you at this time. Please be aware that our support may not suit everyone and we have to be sure that the structure or requirements of on-going therapy or programme sessions will work for you, and that your needs are within the levels or boundaries that we are able to offer. We will always do our best to offer you appointment times that fit around your commitments including work, school and childcare.

We offer support in a range of ways including face-to-face support in our offices or our garden, in schools or other settings where appropriate, telephone or video-calls. We are committed to providing a safe and confidential service and will ensure our communications with you and the support we offer is discreet, sensitive and safe.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we assure you that our premises and our service offer meets government guidelines and is Covid-19 secure and that our service offer may have to be restricted to remote working.

“I felt supported and enabled to discover who I am, what I want and provided with the courage to move forward and embrace life.”
Yellow Door service user