Early Help and Raising Awareness

We provide education and prevention workshops, training, briefings, special projects particularly to children and young people.

We offer preventative activities to adults, groups and communities. Our aim is to reach and engage with anyone affected by, or potentially at risk of domestic or sexual abuse, as well as promoting healthy, safe relationships and behaviours that reduce the risk of abuse to a wider audience.

We aim to encourage engagement with a diverse range of individuals or groups / communities including those that are often marginalised and least likely to access services.

Our preventative education helps to stop abuse occurring or enables early help that can reduce the harmful impact of domestic or sexual abuse.

STAR Project

STAR Project

STAR Project is our award-winning education and prevention project. Star works with children and young people in schools, universities and other youth settings aiming to spark conversations to get young people thinking about what healthy relationships look like, as well as recognising unhealthy relationships or situations and preventing abuse in all its forms. Focused on preventing abuse in all its forms, STAR’s approach takes a wide perspective, engaging with topics from consent, peer pressure, pornography, sexting, social media, internet safety, mental health and more.

Our team delivers fun and interactive sessions on an array of topics designed to fit the everyday realities of children and young people.

Each STAR session aims to give young people the tools and understanding they need to stay safe, and build respectful relationships now and in the future.

STAR’s work complements and expands the standard PSHE and Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) within national curriculum. Our sessions can be developed to fit existing education schedules, and we can work with you to tailor content specifically to the needs presented by the class or group.

We also offer small bespoke groups in school settings, for example, for young people from BAMER groups who are finding relationships in and outside of school challenging.

For our STAR Project leaflet, please click here.

“I enjoyed talking about topics that are normally taboo to talk about. I think its important to talk about these topics openly”
(Female Year 7) about STAR project
Working with Communities

Working with Communities

At Yellow Door we know that developing a community-wide response to abuse is vital to preventing and alleviating its impacts.

We offer a range of services working with local communities and groups to raise awareness of domestic and sexual abuse (in all forms including Harmful Practice) and encourage everyone who needs our support to contact us.

We particularly reach out to those who may be marginalised or disadvantaged and for whom there are more barriers to seeking help.

Our Diversity and Inclusion Team work with communities, delivering training and awareness sessions within local community centres as well as supporting peer or community groups such as hosting the Southampton African Women’s Alliance (SAWA) Group.