Frequently asked questions about our service

How long will I wait for counselling?

There is often a waiting time from your referral until you can begin counselling or therapy. Waiting time varies depending on the type of therapy suited to you.

When you make a referral to us, we will provide an assessment to discuss your needs. We will talk to you about the likely waiting time for any service you are offered.

We try to keep in touch with you during the waiting time. But you can also call our helpline if you want to talk to us.

Where am I on the waiting list for Therapy?

​If you would like a waiting list update, please email

Can I come back if I have used Yellow Door before?

You are welcome to come back to us if you have used the service before and think we can be of further help. Sometimes we recommend that people take a break after an intervention to allow time for the work they have already done to be processed and take effect, but we would consider each situation on an individual basis.

Please let us know when you get in touch that you have been to us before and tell us about the service you received as that will help us to make a decision if we can offer anything further.

We also have a range of different services and sometimes our service-users want support from a different service or team as their needs change, for example after Pattern Changing you might feel you need Adult Therapy.

You are welcome to refer yourself to other services, but please tell us about your previous experience of Yellow Door support at the point of referral.

“It was helpful to talk about my problems and feel valued, I felt very comfortable and feel like this experience has shown me hope and changed me to the person I wanted to be for a long time. The advice was amazing.”
Yellow Door service user

Can I speak to a male / female counsellor / support worker?

Where possible we will try to provide a male or female worker if that will help you to access the service you need. Please tell us about this when you get in touch.

Is there a waiting list or waiting time for Pattern Changing?

Our Pattern Changing programme for survivors of domestic abuse is very popular.

We have increased the number of programmes running at one time, therefore you won’t usually have a long wait to get on to our programme. However, you can only join a programme at the beginning of the 12 week course.

You may have to wait a maximum of 12 weeks to the start of the next programme. We can let you know about the next available programme when you refer to us.

Can I get help in a language other than English?

We have workers who speak a number of different languages and where necessary we will do our best to get an interpreter if this is needed to support you getting the help you need.

Please let us know about this when you get in touch.

Can I get Counselling or join a group programme if I have commitments like work, college or childcare / caring during the day?

We try to consider your needs to ensure you can access our support.

We offer some services outside of school / college / work hours and we also offer counselling using online or video-calls if you cannot conveniently get to our premises.

Please tell us about your needs when you make a referral and we will try our best to help.

Do you work with alleged or past perpetrators of domestic or sexual abuse?

Yellow Door are not able to provide services for people who have committed a serious offence for example; a sexual offence (or people who are on, or have been on, the sex offenders register), domestic abuse, a serious violent crime.

For people who committed a sexual offence when they were a child we will consider if Yellow Door is the most appropriate service to meet the individual’s needs.

We recognise that domestic and sexual abuse offenders are sometimes victims or survivors, we are able to signpost appropriately to specialist services who can support them effectively. For people who are seeking help regarding your own patterns of behaviour there is support available:

Hampton Trust – a local charity that provide a range of services for adults, children and young people, aimed at rebuilding lives and supporting positive change.

Circles South West – delivering circles of support and accountability to protect communities from sexual harm and sexual reoffending.

Stop It Now! – confidential helpline, live chat and secure email are here for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse prevention.

“The best part of working with Yellow Door are my wonderful colleagues. With their support and knowledge, I am able to work to the best of my capacity. The job that we are doing at Yellow Door can be challenging at times, therefore being surrounded by people who appreciate, respect and understand you is invaluable.”
Counsellor at Yellow Door