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Yellow Door and SAWA win award

Posted on 18 August 2022

We were thrilled to be awarded a certificate from Chief Superintendent Raj Kohli, Head of PVP Command yesterday.

Both Yellow Door and SAWA (Southampton African Women’s Alliance) were awarded a Certificate of Congratulations for designing the logo for Operation Limelight, International Enforcement Operation for FGM to reflect the community voice in eradicating FGM. The logo has been adopted internationally by police and other enforcement agencies.

The logo was created by our SAWA group. The logo features a Baobab tree which is also known as the tree of life. It is a multi-purpose tree which offers protection and provides food, clothing and medicine as well as raw material for many useful items. Every part of the tree, in its various forms is useful.

Due to the significance of the baobab tree, most major events and rituals are carried out in and around the baobab tree e.g. rites of passage, naming ceremonies, harvest celebrations, divinations traditional ceremonies, marriage etc. The baobab is found in many parts of Africa such as Madagascar and mainland Africa (Zambia and Zimbabwe). Herbs and medicines used in ceremonies can come from the tree. In some parts of Zambia, the roots are burnt and ashes made into a paste with oils from the seeds. This is used in type 4 FGM. Similar pastes are used to help control the bleeding (FGM, circumcision), love potion (marriage celebration) and beauty products to adorn the bride (e.g. powder from the fruit). Those that have powers to communicate with the ancestors present in the baobab tree or those in charge of baobab trees in their areas, are revered. Misusing a baobab tree can mean breaching the “code of conduct” which potentially could attract “HBV”.

For all the above, the SAWA group agreed that the Baobab tree is befitting to be included in the Limelight logo. We are proud to display our certificate in the Yellow Door reception area.