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Happy International Women’s Day to powerful women

Posted on 8 March 2022

Today is International Women’s Day. A day that started in 1911, a time where the world saw the rise in radical ideologies like females having the right to vote… How crazy an idea! Now it has developed into a day to celebrate the amazing achievements made by women throughout history and to look ahead to make sure the roles women play in society are recognised and validated. 

The world, especially over the last few years, has seen a huge shift in attitudes and the way society perceives women’s equality, and also what it means to be a feminist. This is largely due to the patriarchal world we have all been born into. Now more than ever we are seeing more women (whether they be CIS gendered or female identifying) in positions of power in business, in Parliament, and as world leaders.

 The theme for this year’s International Women’s Day is “#BreakingTheBias” and I want to look into the bias around the word “powerful”. Because women are powerful. There are connotations that come with the word “powerful”. Some might think that it has to boil down to physical strength (I’m not saying women aren’t physically powerful – when I can’t open a jar of salsa, my mum is the first person I go to for help), but there is more to being powerful than physical strength. My heart and solidarity goes out to women all over the world.

My heart goes to the women and girls around the world who are experiencing “honour based violence” like Female Genital Mutilation” (FGM) and to the campaigners who are saying there is Zero Tolerance to FGM. You are powerful. 

My heart goes to the females who may be struggling to come to terms or understand their gender and/or sexuality. You are powerful.

My heart goes to women who are living with or who have experienced abuse. Please remember you are not alone and that you are powerful.

My heart and solidarity goes out to all the women around the world who are instigating change, not just on days like today but every day. Issues that are being addressed today are not simple “female issues”, they are human rights.

Days like today are extra special because we get to see a special bond of sisterhood around the world. Women are very powerful! Happy International Women’s Day!

by Holly, Volunteer and Involvement Officer and Powerful Woman