Using the internet safely

At Yellow Door our primary concern is for your safety and wellbeing. On this page we provide some helpful tips for keeping safe online.

How can I quickly exit this website?

We have provided an “exit website” link in the top-right of every page. Clicking this will instantly close this website and direct you to Hitting the ESC key on your keyboard works just the same.

How can I remove my browsing history?

If you wish to conceal your browsing history from others the best way to achieve this is by using your web browser’s “incognito mode“. This simply means that websites you have visited do not get saved in the history list, meaning others won’t know which websites you have visited.

If you wish to fully delete all of your browsing history, you can find a guide here.

How can I prevent others gaining access to my phone?

If you have a phone or tablet and you wish to keep your browsing history private, the best way to secure it is to add a passcode lock to ensure that others cannot access it. If you’re unsure how to do this, search Google for your device (i.e. Apple iPhone) and your device version (i.e. iPhone 6).