Covid-19 Statement

Yellow Door is here for you. All our services continue to operate at whatever stage of national or local covid-19 restrictions. However, some services will be delivered remotely and/or may be adapted to meet your needs & preferences while still being covid-secure.

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Our therapists offer talking therapies including 1 to 1 Counselling, Art Therapy and Therapeutic Groups. Each service or activity aims to provide personalised help, using methods to address the impact of abuse and trauma. We have female and male counsellors. All our Therapists have required qualifications and received training to carry out the role. 

1 to 1 Talking Therapies

1 to 1 Talking Therapies

We provide a range of 1 to 1 talking therapies to support mental health and wellbeing, aid repair and recovery after abuse, build resilience and strengthen capacity to develop healthy coping strategies.

You might come to Yellow Door with specific experiences or events that you would like to talk to someone about or work through, or you may simply want to explore your thoughts and feelings in more depth. We provide sessions face to face in our safe and confidential central premises as well as at other venues if required.  This may be remotely for example, using Zoom or by telephone.

“I am from an African background where counselling is not an option considered to improve mental wellbeing after traumatic events, because it is seen as something for people with weak spirit and minds. However, I have had a very good experience with counselling, which has helped me to identify triggers and coping mechanisms in order for me to have some kind of normality in my daily life. Thanks to counselling I’ve also been able to boost my self-esteem and confidence”
Yellow Door service-user

Therapeutic groups for Adults

These groups are run by our trained therapists to enable participants to work through specific issues with others who have similar experiences and struggles. Our feedback and evaluation shows group participants value the support of a group and can work through their issues:

Emotional Coping Skills Group is a psycho-educational programme for people who are struggling with managing feelings and emotions and who seek ways to cope in day to day life.

Then & Now is a specialist therapeutic group for adults who have experienced sexual abuse in childhood.

Safer Relationships group is for those who have experienced domestic or sexual abuse who seek ways to build safer, stronger futures.

Sexual Violence Recovery Toolkit group (SVRT) uses a trauma-informed and a psycho-educational approach to enable you to move forward from the trauma of experiencing sexual violence. Written for individuals who have experienced acquaintance, dating, stranger rape or historic childhood sexual abuse.

“Just so helpful and supportive. Very understanding, you can talk about what you want. I felt so comfortable and will miss it.”
Safer Relationships group client