Covid-19 Statement

Yellow Door is here for you. All our services continue to operate at whatever stage of national or local covid-19 restrictions. However, some services will be delivered remotely and/or may be adapted to meet your needs & preferences while still being covid-secure.

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Domestic and sexual abuse can affect people in many different ways, impacting not only survivors but the families of survivors and their relationships with one another too.

Our Family Therapy team helps people in close relationships overcome communication difficulties when one or more members of the family have experienced abuse. 

Our specialist therapists provide a safe space to help families find ways of improving family communications, explore ways of saying difficult things to each other, understand each other’s feelings, the impact of trauma and more. All our Therapists have required qualifications and received training to carry out the role

Our Family Therapy is very popular and is proven to aid the recovery of the survivor as well as strengthen family relationships.

For our Family Therapy leaflet, please click here.

“I am really pleased we gave family therapy ago as it has helped enormously…. i would recommend it to others who are struggling to be validated and listened to each family member is important in a household ,all are important & all need proper boundaries to live happily to prosper in to the future”
Family Therapy service user