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Domestic & Sexual Abuse is also experienced by men

On average, 15% of Yellow Door service users are male. Although females are more likely to be victims of domestic and sexual abuse, there is clear evidence that men and boys experience it too. An estimated 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime (compared to 1 in 4 women). Boys & young men may also be subject to the often, profound harm & impact of living in violent homes where there is parental domestic abuse. However, men & boys are far less likely to report domestic or sexual abuse than women/girls – male sexual abuse is the most under-reported crime world-wide, with only an estimated 1 in 10 young men & boys who are victims of sexual abuse ever reporting it to police in UK.

In 2017/18, nearly half of male victims didn’t to tell anyone they were a victim of domestic abuse (only 51% tell anyone). They are nearly three times less likely to tell anyone than a female victim (49% of men fail to tell anyone as opposed to 19% women). This has worsened since 2015/16 where the figures were 61% for men (88% women). (NCS 2017/18)

For more information see Survivors UK

For help specially for male victims of sexual abuse, please see Male Survivors Partnership