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Volunteering Training Accreditation

Posted on 6 January 2021

It is fantastic news that the Yellow Door 3-day** training course for volunteers has been accredited by CPD and we can now display the CPD badge of quality across our training materials.

At Yellow Door, we are proud of the training and development opportunities we offer our volunteers. We have always been committed to providing high quality training as part of a programme of engagement for volunteers across the service.

In April 2019 we developed a new 3-day** training course that every Yellow Door volunteer would attend to ensure they were all given a strong foundational knowledge on keys topics and policies that they would need throughout their Yellow Door journey. These topics included domestic and sexual abuse; confidentiality; safeguarding; equality and diversity and self-care. The course is delivered by the Volunteer Coordinator and between April 2019 and March 2020, 3 complete courses have been delivered to 38 new volunteers.

We were confident that the quality of the training was high and so decided to pursue an official accreditation with CPD. This process involved submitting all our course materials, handouts, PowerPoint slides, trainer’s notes and learning outcomes to the CPD assessment team where it was measured against their quality standards. 

We were thrilled to be notified that the 3-day** course has been CPD accredited after its first submission and we can display the CPD logo on our course materials as confirmation that our training meets those standards. It also means that new volunteers into the service can be confident that the training they are attending will equip them with knowledge and skills to get the best out of their volunteer roles with us and any roles they progress to in the future.

**from January 22 we have condensed this training to a 1-day training course + further information pack. The course is CPD accredited and retains the same content and activities as before.